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PostEra Integrates Molecular Design with Chemical Synthesis

Molecular Design

Whether you need to expand your initial hits or optimize your lead compound, we've pioneered tools that will help. Using state-of-the-art algorithms, we design the optimal set of molecules to synthesize so that you get the best balance between exploring new chemical space and optimizing existing scaffolds.

Synthesis Laboratory

Our tools were the first to surpass human chemists at reaction prediction. These tools design the optimal synthetic routes and send them for execution in the lab. Use our platform to order new chemical compounds!

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Our technology has been published in leading peer-reviewed journals and validated on projects with the world's largest pharmaceutical companies.


We pioneered a class of models for molecular properties prediction that know what they know as well as know what they don't know.


We designed a new algorithm that accurately predicts bioactivity in the low-data limit, validated in collaboration with Pfizer to achieve 2x state-of-the-art performance in prospective experiments.


We designed the first algorithm to outperform human chemists in predicting the outcomes of chemical reactions, tackling challenges in chemo-, regio- and stereo-selectivity.


Collaborating with Pfizer, we showed that our reaction prediction algorithm is generalizable to pharma chemical space, and we can predict synthetic routes to complex drug-like molecules.

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Our Team

Dr. Alpha Lee

Chief Scientific Officer

Aaron Morris

Chief Executive Officer

Matt Robinson

Chief Technology Officer

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